Technology that provides always, ahead on communication between hotels and their guests

Hotel Info

Introduce your chain and property in order for your guests to take a better benefit of the hotel. A hotel information centre that shows from A-Z. Your daily events in rich visuals allow you to promote activities being held at your property, finding hotel shops and their location with ease. Furthermore a connection bank that able you connect to the internet which you can retrieve any information needed locally. Present your hotel and city maps to make your guest life easier.

Room Service

Enjoy more revenue by giving your guests the ability to see a visual breakfast menu and the orders, give your target audience a frictionless hospitality experience. Butler brings your menus to life like never before with vivid visuals, colorful tablet displays and high-resolution images of every offered item. With Butler’s comprehensive cataloguing of food and beverage items, restaurant patrons are provided with enticing visuals of your entire menu, exposing them to new items that they would have otherwise never ordered.
Furthermore, room services promote your rich wine cellar and get orders from each room of your hotel. Making a difference by introducing your pillow services, setting your room for cleaning hours or even a wake-up call. Your health is at our top priority. Therefore we have link with the hotel doctor, with a touch of a button arrives the hotel doctor.

Hotel Service

Allow your guests to make their reservations to all hotel facilities, with detailed information and confirmation. Connect your guests with hotel taxi wherever and whenever they like to travel, or even book a rented luxury car for them. Which all car selection is visually presented and priced. Allow your guest to make their own booking at the hotels coiffeur, spa offers with special treatments and show your prices. With or without a concierge you can also set your own language so you are able to book or alter your flight reservations. Relieve your family guest with babysitter

Magazine & Newspapers

With today's competitive hospitality industry, retention is usually a result of high guest satisfaction. Value added guest amenities, like your guest will be able to read desired newspapers with Butler, give hoteliers an ideal solution to gain a competitive edge in the market resulting in higher guest satisfaction.

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