What we’re offering

Enjoy more revenue by giving your guests the ability to use all your hotel facilities, and give your target audience a frictionless hospitality experience. We are offering your Hotel, Residence, Cruise Ship and your Restaurants facilities a technological Butler solutions.
Butler is leading in delivering solutions that strengthen the relationship between hotels and their guests. Our software solutions lets hotel guests personalize and define their own experience. We are offering your Hotel a new way of Butler service at your rooms with presenting all your facilities and increasing your Hotel revenues. Butler management tools provide invaluable business intelligence and staff efficiency. Use all Hotel facilities without calling room service or concierge with using Butler.

Key Features


Butler brings your menus to life like never before with vivid visuals, colorful tablet displays and high-resolution images of every offered food item. With Butler’s comprehensive cataloguing of menu items, restaurant patrons are provided with enticing visuals of your entire menu, exposing them to new food they would have otherwise never ordered. During product testing at custom sites, we found that restaurant customers are likely to order 20% more with visual aids as opposed to strictly text descriptions.

  • Full Control over your Software

    Written and visual contents of your services and promotions can be edited and changed in real time on the panel

  • Unlimited Options

    Custom Admin Panel offers to improve your system constantly

  • 7/24 in Contact

    The Panel makes possible to communicate with your devices all the time.

  • Promote and Offer Management

    With visual in room dinning Breakfast menu, All day menu Beverage menu, Wine cellar menu, pillow services, wake up call, Housekeeping, Doctor, Laundry, Bellboy and Demand & Survey Respond your guests’ demands and expectations simultaneously

  • Customizable

    All designing’s and contents are developed up to your hotel concept and brand guidelines. and will be added or removed due to your demands

  • Full Control

    Make your guests life easier with a technological Butler in each room of your Hotel.

  • Growing

    You will be able to increase your Hotel general revenue 10% to 15% with using Butler!

  • Banquet

    Present your Banquet services, for conferences, meetings, weddings, gala organizations and private dinners with Butler.

Who we are?

We are a software solution company focused on hospitality market
Through the tablets placed in the hotel rooms, application brings all the hotel services and facilities to your guests with attractive and rich visual contents Our aim is to the serve technology by always looking for ways to improve our products, from the compelling guest-facing interface to our back-end management tools. Our focus is to help our clients generate higher revenues; reduce operating costs, and increase guest satisfaction and engagement. Customized interface user friendly designed to reinforce your branding and enhance guest rooms System Includes tools relating to mobile device management for secure delivery of orders.
The term "Butler" traditionally was the person who tended to the needs of a gentleman in a gentlemanly fashion. The ‘’right hand man’’ of a gentleman who administered his household, and took care of his personal needs, although absorbing these traditional functions, Today Butler is creating an Unforgettable Experiences for the guests in each room of luxery hotel, Residences and Cruise ships. As a butler, we are the most dedicated host ever to please your guest with the Butler technologies.


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